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Welcome to TEDxMACE

Inspired yet unusual, it's a space for
strong and impactful stories, off beat thoughts
connecting you to what's real
while taking you to far far away.

Hello There


Carefully picked out, thoroughly thought out, and once elegantly sequenced, words, have a way of resonating with your soul. They could inspire, rejuvenate or leave you in quiet introspection. Here, at TEDxMACE (a full-day conference), we bring you hand-picked stories of unconventionally extraordinary individuals who will showcase to you a world for not just what it is, but, for what it could be. It's our third attempt in stimulating interesting conversations in little communities; our journey into the future in the company of those making it.


Too much order and change ceases. Too much chaos and organisation recedes. Somewhere in between thrives the sublimity of reality, celebrating a wonderful mix of stability and evanescence. It is a vibrant existence where nothing really locks into space, yet never really dissolves into turbulence, either. It is complex, intricate, spontaneous, dynamic, adaptive and very much alive.

About TED

A story like no other deserves a narrator like no other. TED is a non-profit global community envisioning the tagline 'ideas worth spreading' through a series of talks spanning 18 minutes -- short, powerful conversations developing narratives on diverse topics sprawling Technology, Entertainment, Design, and pretty much everything that's beyond and under the sun. Annually hosted twice, the narratives by leading changemakers, thinkers and doers are recorded and later made available for free. The roster of speakers

About TEDx

TEDx talks are conversations that aims at developing a local narrative while maintaining the underlying vision of TED. While TED takes more of a global approach, TEDx is a space that celebrates local voices. It's been the force that has taken TED across the planet and seeded all of these communities. Licensed from TED, it offers a wholesome experience to its speakers and attendees, a global stage for local dialogues. These conversations are recorded and later made available for free in TEDx handles.

Hey there!

You can make your sweet early-bird ticket reservations for TEDxMACE right here. It's exclusively offered to our dear and eager confidants at a very special price of Rs. 1200, only available in limited numbers.
Get yours here, and we'll see you at the edge of chaos on the 8th of February!

Current Speaker Line-Up

Gunjan Virk

Traveler. Fashionist. Dreamcatcher.

Nithin Eapen

CryptoEvangelist. Investor. Provocateur.

George Vivian Paul

Comic. Engineer. Kinsman.

Parvathy Gopakumar

Student. Human Book. Braveheart.


Artist. Entertainer. Deviant.


Band. Storytellers. Warriors.

Youth Speaker Hunt

This one's for you

  • If you're a student from a school or college.
  • If you've a goosebump sort of story, or wicked cool ideas that inspire enduring curiosity and genuine wonder
  • If you're a social butterfly when it comes to captivating a crowd

It'll be cool for you to also remember that our preferred medium for the talk is either English or Malayalam.

Hey, this is how our TEDxMACE YSH happens:

  1. You send us an abstract, within 150 words about the idea(s) you're excited to present.
  2. We'd love for you to articulate your idea(s) in coherence with our
    theme: 'Edge of Chaos'.
  3. When we're really into your idea(s), we'll send in an e-mail intimation.
  4. After that, you could tell us more, more and more about it through a brisk, sweet 5-minute video.
  5. We could also have a telephonic conversation to get know you better.
  6. When all that's done and good, we hope to see you later at TEDxMACE 2019, with a glee on our faces, glowingly welcoming you on board.

Previous Speakers

Anusha MP
Arya Murali
Bistriti Poddar
Dr. Divya S Iyer
Fathima Hakkim
Harish Sivaramakrishnan
Jacob Thomas
James Joseph
Nikhil J Menon
Santosh Avannavar
Sijo Kuruvila
T. P. Sreenivasan
Uma Subramaniam
Vinay Menon

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