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Inspired yet unusual, it's a space for strong and impactful stories, and off-beat thoughts, connecting you to what's real while taking you too far far away.

Lets Get to Know each other

Lets Get to Know each other

Hi, We are TEDxMACE.

All lives are stories. Stories told in first person or by an onlooker. We are one such narrator of snippets of the lives of unconventionally extraordinary individuals. Experience that can subtly enlighten, prompt silent introspection, and bring you the world not as it is but as what it could be. This is our fifth attempt at bringing you stimulating, interesting conversations in little communities: our journey into the future in the company of those making it.

Element of Tenet

Our whole lives are stories, lessons we number with time. Nature’s beauty beguiles our eyes and we mark them with taxonomic fact. Likewise, what is one, is often perceived in halves, and we must be all of it, intertwined. When all the world is done looking at itself in two separate halves, becoming a Michelangelo painting that reaches out for ends to make meet in a globe, we must find what needs to be found: A balance, between what is, and what could be, two worlds that we, with this year’s TEDxMACE, bring together in one simple phrase: the Element of Tenet

About TED

A story like no other deserves a narrator like no other. TED is a non-profit global community envisioning the tagline 'ideas worth spreading' through a series of talks spanning 18 minutes -- short, powerful conversations developing narratives on diverse topics sprawling Technology, Entertainment, Design, and pretty much everything that's beyond and under the sun. Annually hosted twice, the narratives by leading changemakers, thinkers, and doers are recorded and later made available for free.

About TEDx

TEDx talks are conversations that aim at developing a local narrative while maintaining the underlying vision of TED. While TED takes more of a global approach, TEDx is a space that celebrates local voices. It's been the force that has taken TED across the planet and seeded all of these communities. Licensed from TED, it offers a wholesome experience to its speakers and attendees, a global stage for local dialogues. These conversations are recorded and later made available for free in TEDx handles.

Why Join Us

Why Join Us

Extraordinary individuals

Elegantly selected ideas

Short, rejuvenating talks

Meet like-minded people

A specter of Awe.

A global community





RJ Shelvin

Content Creator

RJ Shaan

Director, Script Writer

Gopika Maya Santhosh

Strategy and Insight Manager Google

Sreedevi Bindu Olappamanna


Anooja Bashir

CEO, OUREA | CMO Flexicloud

Dr. Preethi Raamadoss

Ph.D. Scholar

Anna M M Vetticad

Journalist & Cine Critic


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