At TEDxMACE, we respect your privacy. We want to ensure that you get the information, content, and experiences that
            matter most to you. TEDxMACE is committed to protecting the privacy of its members, customers, volunteers, and other
            This privacy policy applies to all personal data processed by full-time and part-time employees, volunteers when acting
            on behalf of TEDx MinT, and all request processes conducted by TEDxMACE.
            What information do we collect?
            TEDXMACE collects the following personal data in line with the use purposes explained in a subsequent section:
            - Your name
            - Phone Number
            - Your Email Id
            -Educational Institution
            How do we use your information?
            TEDXMACE uses (and, where specified, shares) your personal information for the following purposes:
            To provide support or other services. TEDXMACE may use your personal information to provide you with support or other
            services that you have ordered or requested. TEDXMACE may also use your personal information to respond directly to your
            requests for information, including registrations for newsletters, webinars, or other specific requests.
            To provide online forums and social networks. Some services available on the websites permit you to participate in
            interactive discussions, post comments, or other content to a bulletin board or exchange. Some of these services are
            moderated; all may be accessed for technical reasons (for example, for improvements or fixes). TEDX does not control the
            content that users post to these forums or social networks. You should carefully consider whether you wish to submit
            personal information to these forums or social networks and tailor any content you submit appropriately and in
            accordance with the relevant terms of use. You should also review any additional terms and conditions that may govern
            your use of these services, including terms related to sharing your personal information and receiving communications.
            To select content, improve quality, and facilitate use of the websites. TEDx may use your personal information,
            including the information gathered as a result of site navigation and electronic protocols and cookies (including
            third-party cookies), to help create and personalize website content, improve website quality, track marketing campaign
            responsiveness, evaluate page response rates, conduct usability testing, and facilitate your use of the websites (for
            example, to facilitate navigation and the login process, avoid duplicate data entry, enhance security, keep track of
            shopping cart additions, and preserve order information between sessions).
            To protect TEDx content and services. We may use your information to prevent potentially illegal activities and to
            enforce our terms and conditions. We also use a variety of technological systems to detect and address anomalous
            activity and to screen content to prevent abuse, such as spam. These efforts may, on occasion, result in a temporary or
            permanent suspension or termination of some functions for some users.
            To get feedback or input from you. In order to deliver the best services of most interest to our customers, from time to
            time, we may ask members, customers, volunteers, and website visitors to provide us input and feedback (for example
            through surveys, usability studies, focus groups).
            To protect TEDx information assets as well as your own personal data. The TEDx Information Security Program protects the
            confidentiality, integrity, and availability of TEDx information assets by following a risk management approach based on
            policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures to meet security objectives while supporting business and operational
            How can you control your information?
            You can control the information we have about you and how we use it in several ways.
            If you are a registered user, you can review, revise, and correct the personal data that you have provided to TEDx via
            your Account/MyProfile.
            Personal data about minors and children
            TEDx does not knowingly collect data from or about children under 16 without the permission of parent(s)/guardian(s). If
            we learn that we have collected personal information from a child under 16, we will delete that information as quickly
            as possible. If you believe that we might have any information from or about a child under age 16, please contact us.
            How will you know if the Privacy Policy is changed?
            TEDx may update its Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make any material changes we will notify you by email if you
            have a TEDx Account, or by means of a notice on this website prior to the change becoming effective. We encourage you to
            periodically review this page for the latest information on our privacy practices.
            Logging practices
            TEDx automatically records the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of visitors. The IP address is a unique number assigned
            to every computer on the internet. Generally, an IP address changes each time you connect to the internet (it is a
            "dynamic" address). Note, however, that if you have a broadband connection, depending on your individual circumstance,
            the IP address that we collect may contain information that could be deemed identifiable. This is because, with some
            broadband connections, your IP address doesn't change (it is "static") and could be associated with your personal
            Cookies and web beacons
            Cookies and web beacons are electronic placeholders that are placed on your device by websites to track your individual
            movements on that website over time. TEDx uses both session-based cookies (which last only for the duration of the
            user's session) and persistent cookies (which remain on your device and provides information about the session you are
            in and waits for the next time you use that site again).
            These cookies and web beacons provide useful information to TEDx MinT, enabling us to recognize repeat users, facilitate
            the user's access to and use of our sites, allow us to track usage behaviour, and balance the usage of our websites on
            all TEDx web servers.
            Tracking cookies, third-party cookies, and other technologies such as web beacons may be used to process additional
            information, enable non-core functionalities on the TEDx MinT website and enable third-party functions (such as a social
            media "share" link). We may also include web beacons and other similar technology in promotional email messages to
            determine whether the messages have been opened.
            Do Not Track (DNT)
            The online advertising industry has self-regulatory initiatives designed to provide consumers with a choice in the types
            of ads they may see online and to conveniently opt out from online behavioural ads served by some or all of the
            companies participating in these programs. Our websites do not respond to DNT consumer browser settings.
            The TEDx MinT privacy officer will ensure proper communication with the relevant regulatory authority for privacy. The
            privacy officer will lead investigative action, complaint handling and data breach notification. The privacy officer
            will also monitor regulatory changes and consult the regulatory authority where implementation of a regulatory or
            technological change leads to doubt.
            How do I contact you if there is an issue?
            If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or about the use of your personal information, please
            feel free to contact us by email at [email protected]